Sunday, May 18, 2008

FADEC-the technology that propels the engines

Since the invention of aircrafts ,it has been a natural human tendency to make the journey more pleasant and safe ,having said that there are already enough safety measures taken inside the cabin crew,but the question is when the prevention of the accidents can be done while the aircraft is still on ground so why take the risk of being it or being propelled in air,also the fuel efficiency also is a significant parameter.

Welcome to a new era of engine automation and control,I take the prevalage of introducing FADEC to all of you,it is however not a major recent discovery or invention yet it is something extraordinary. FADEC is the abbreviated name for Full Authority Digital Engine Control System,

The name being enough technical ,yet the working is quite simple and less hassle,FADEC calculates and measures the exact amount of fuel to be entered in to the engine and thus provides an efficient air fuel ratio for the aircraft engine to provide combustion.

Fadec senses early fault and defects,that are emitted in to the engine and thus shuts down the engines,saving both fuel and time,also this is a mandatory unit that saves life of passengers a number of times.

Fadec has the following advantages:-

  • It provides smooth engine cruise control
  • It provides a better fuel efficiency
  • It Selects the firng And combustion of fuel
  • It provides a calculated expansion of the blades of the aircraft
  • It provides a smoother take off and landing comfort
along with it the first fadec was made by Pratt & Whitney,it was further improved by Rolls Royce engines,since then it has been used and improved by several aircraft companies like Boeing etc.....

With its growing usage ,the day is not far when it will be used in flying cars

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